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Scotty Goldman's Status,Matt Hardy Fans Furious & More
by Coma (comadrug235)
at January 27th, 2009 (09:48 am)

On WWE.com under the "upcoming pay-per-views" tab, the June 7, 2009 pay-per-view is listed as "Extreme Rules" instead of "One Night Stand."

In WWE's latest cost-cutting move, the company is shutting down its Canadian office with the exception of its sales division. People working with WWE's broadcast partner in Canada, The Score, received memos regarding the news. This makes at least three offices gutted in the past few weeks as WWE recently shut down their offices in Sydney, Australia and China as well.

SmackDown wrestler Scotty Goldman is currently trying out a new role in WWE's developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling as a comedy oriented backstage interviewer.

Goldman was called up to the main roster in August, but still has yet to garner a single win on television. He has not appeared on television since September.

Between the recent call-ups and firings, Goldman is said to be the closest to ready talent in developmental, but his issue is that he's already been typecast by WWE officials.

Goldman's biggest issue is that WWE officials don't think he looks like a "TV star," and no matter how much personality you have, it's very difficult to break their narrow viewpoint of what a TV star is supposed to look like.

WWE has begun the push for next month's Elimination Chamber Match(es) at No Way Out. They posted the rules to the match tonight on the company website at the following link.The event will take place less than three weeks from now on Sunday, February 15.

The final Raw before WrestleMania will be taking place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on Monday, March 30. Tickets for the event go on sale on Saturday, February 21st at Noon.

This year's WWE Hall of Fame special on the USA Network will be sponsored by THQ's Legends of Wrestlemania video game, which will be released in March. There has been talk of holding some sort of nostalgia match at Wrestlemania XXV to coincide with the release of the game.

SmackDown Diva Maria Kanellis has launched an official website at www.MariaKanellis.net . Maria appears to be looking beyond World Wrestling Entertainment as she's largely pushing her burgeoning career in the entertainment world rather than her career in professional wrestling on the website. On the website she lists herself as an "Actress/Model/Singer/Wrestler" in that order. The website features her resume as well as some non-WWE modeling photos.

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro confirmed her appearance this Saturday at a Super Bowl party in Tampa with WWE Diva Kelly Kelly in a blog on her MySpace account. Massaro wrote: "Yes it is true, I am definitely going to be rockin' it with Kelly Kelly in Tampa, along w a few others like Jenny Mcarthy, Carmen Electra, and kim Kardashian and I will be rollin with my BFF and my lil baby Peanut. So if you can make there I'll be there to say cheers, may the best team win!" Massaro will be in attendance at the Pied Piper Productions' "Models and Bottles" party at Jackson's Bistro in Tampa. For more information on the event, www.PiedPiperProductions.com .

This past May, Rolling Stone reported that Ashley Massaro was employed by a Los Angeles escort agency called "Bella Models." The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed it was investigating the agency, but it did not address the WWE Diva's relation to them. Massaro had some company in the escort scandal as a second woman tied to the sports entertainment world was allegedly involved with the organization as well.

Trina Michaels, a 25-year-old adult film star, was named in the Rolling Stone article. In recent months she has been pursuing a wrestling career by appearing at events in Mexico and various indies in the West Coast. Michaels has plans to move to Louisville and start in Ohio Valley Wrestling next month, reports the Wrestling Observer , apparently in hopes of garnering interest from World Wrestling Entertainment. Michaels was in attendance at a SmackDown taping in San Diego last October and reportedly went backstage later in the night.

Jerry Lynn, Daizee Haze and Delirious will be appearing at the Anarchy Championship Wrestling/IWA-Texas event in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday, March 22nd, 2009. Go to http://iwatexas.com for info about ACW/IWA-Texas and http://prowrestlingevents.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for a list of upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

John Bradshaw Layfield has a new blog on the WWE Universe site and he briefly comments on his angle with Shawn Michaels. "Shawn Michaels didn't exactly get the job done yesterday, that will be addressed tonight on Raw," Layfield wrote. He also talks about his meet-and-greet appearance in Louisville tomorrow following tonight's Raw in Cleveland. "I'll be down at Danny Davis arena tomorrow with my good friend Danny Davis for OVW in Louisville, looking forward to being down there," Layfield wrote. "One of the reasons I got into shape was because I met Tracy Beckham there and she helped me learn about nutrition, I went from an old fat football player to world champion with her guidance." {JBL Entering the Computer World}

WWE has a new photo gallery on ECW Diva Alicia Fox at the following link.

Reader "Dave" sent in the following .. "I noticed that Randy Orton botched the pyro ending of the rumble. He stood by the ropes for a while pointing at the WM25 sign expecting the pyro to go off but nothing happened. He then moved to the middle of the ring and tried pointing again before the ref came up and told him 'up on the ropes'. He then climbed the turnbuckle and did the pose again while the pyro went off to close the show."

In one of Jack Swagger's first public interviews since joining the main WWE roster, the ECW champion says wrestling has always been in his blood. "I've done some form of wrestling since I was six," Swagger told The Southern newspaper. "I idolized it as a kid. In college I was really focused on getting a degree. This came up (WWE) and it was like destiny. I jumped at it." He adds, "I'm just trying to take the ball and run with it now. I feel really comfortable in that ring. I've been competing nearly all my life." Swagger also talks about his amateur wrestling career and people comparing him to Brock Lesnar. You can read the interview at SouthernIllinoisan.com

After Matt Hardy turned on his brother Jeff and cost him the WWE title at the Royal Rumble, Hardy fans began bombarding Matt's MySpace page with angry messages. check out MySpace.com/TheOnlyMattHardy to see the comments.

Rob Van Dam made a surprise appearance during Sunday night's Royal Rumble match before eventually being eliminated by Chris Jericho. Following his appearance, RVD appeared on the WWE Universe's live blog. RVD said he received a phone call from management to appear at the event just last Friday. "The idea to be in the Royal Rumble is only 2 days old. Got a phone call Friday and it worked out," Van Dam said. RVD also explained to fans that his appearance was a one time thing, but he appreciates the company's open door policy for him to return one day.

"I'm back in WWE..for tonight," Van Dam said. "Still happy at home. I'm not here full time by my own choice. I appreciate the open door that I have here and I appreciate being Home in California with Sonya even more." On how he felt being out there last night, Van Dam said "awesome." You can read a transcript of his chat session at the following link.

In Paul Heyman's latest commentary on the UK's Sun website, he raves over Randy Orton's performance during the conclusion of last week's episode of Raw. He also believes Orton will be the focal point of this year's WrestleMania. "Orton has been chosen by McMahon to be WWE's focal point heading into this year's WrestleMania, and bluntly, there isn't a member of the roster who could possibly be a better choice," Heyman wrote. "So here's Vince, reveling in the spotlight, and Stephanie, delivering what could be her best performance ever," he continued. "And yet, when Orton stepped into the ring and started talking, he compelled you to watch him. Orton's control of the mic was masterful." {Heyman: Now it's Orton's time}

Julie Hart, the ex-wife of Bret Hart, appeared on the Unholy Matrimony radio show on Sunday night talking about her depiction in Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling . After reading the rough draft stories on Bret's numerous affairs over the years, Julie said, "Holy s**t, man, who are you?" She knew about some of his affairs, but was unaware he had so many. She also wasn't fond of being portrayed as angry throughout the book. On the flipside, she still thinks it's a "fantastic book about wrestling." She also sides with Vince McMahon regarding the "Montreal Screwjob" at the 1997 Survivor Series. "I think he had a business to run," Julie said. "I understand Bret's side too... Please don't hate me, wrestling fans." You can listen to the interview in its entirety at UnHolyMatrimonyShow.com . Hart also raved about the The Wrestler and said Randy "The Ram" Robinson reminded her of a lot of wrestlers she knows.

Spike Dudley will be appearing at the New World Wrestling event in East Sandwich, Massachusetts on Saturday, March 14th, 2009. Go to http://newworldwrestling.com for info about NWW and http://prowrestlingevents.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

D'Lo Brown will be touring England with Varsity Pro Wrestling in February. Here are the dates and locations:

February 16th - Exmouth Pavilion
February 17th - Winchester Guildhall
February 18th - Portsmouth Guildhall

Talks have taken place within WWE regarding a new reality show project. Several ideas have been pitched and the talks have been limited primarily to members of the creative staff. There is a possibility it will be a new twist on the Tough Enough concept. A source described one of the preposed concepts as a “Tough Enough reboot.”

WWE chairman Vince McMahon has gone back and forth regarding whether to feature developmental wrestlers or proven stars in the reality project, so the Tough Enough concept is not a lock. The idea has come up several times in the past, but it sounds like they are more serious about a reality show this time around, as a source believes it tentatively on the 2009 calendar. McMahon is said to be keen on the idea of the show featuring some type of fan voting (perhaps via paid text voting) if they go with an elimination process.

~Wrestling Observer Newsletter